7/8 Guitar – The right Guitar for young Beginners

7/8 size guitars are not only made for kids and youth but also for young women with small hands. It is just a bit smaller than a full size guitar but in that way it facilitates the playing for people with small hands. For kids this guitar size is often ignored but many teachers think it is alright to go for a 3/4 or a full size guitar.

7/8 guitar size

If you are woman with small hands looking for the right guitar and your height is between 4’11” and 5’3″, then a 7/8 size guitar is a good choice for you.

A distinction must be made between children who are already playing the guitar and those who are just starting out. If your child already has a 3/4 size guitar, I would advise against buying a new 7/8 size guitar. It’s not worth it as they can still play on a 3/4 size guitar for the next few years. If you buy a 7/8 guitar, it will be the right size for a short time and then he will want a full size guitar anyway. It is better to keep the money and invest a bit more in a full size guitar when your child is the right size for it.

However, if this is your child’s first guitar and they meet the criteria for this guitar size (student height: ~5’1″) then you may want to consider a 7/8 guitar.

guitar scale length

The name of the guitar does not mean that it is only 7/8 the size of a full size guitar. On the contrary, the size refers to the guitar scale (the scale is the length from the bridge to the nut of the guitar head). The scale of a 7/8 size guitar is about 24 inches, whereas a full size guitar is 25 inches. That’s why a 7/8 guitar looks almost as big as a full-size guitar.

Best 7/8 classical guitars

There are only classical guitars in the 7/8 size. There are no electric or acoustic steel string guitars in this size. If you are looking for an electric or acoustic guitar, then you will have to go for a 3/4 or full size guitar. As a beginner, you should start with a classical nylon string guitar. Nylon strings are much softer, have less tension and are therefore easier to play.

Great Quality
cordoba dolce 7/8 guitar
Cordoba Dolce
– high-quality classical guitar
– solid cedar top
– great quality and sound
7/8 ortega classica guitar
– great value for money
– high-quality gigbag already incl.
– good quality and finish

A guitar brand that specializes in making guitars for families, which means they offer their models in almost every size, is Ortega. The brand is from Germany and I have played several Ortega guitars and they have a really nice sound, are well made and feel very comfortable to play. I would highly recommend Ortega guitars if you are looking for a quality beginner guitar.

A very popular brand for classical guitars is Cordoba. The brand was originally founded to help classical guitars survive as they have been overshadowed by acoustic steel string and electric guitars. The Cordoba Dolce is the 7/8 classical nylon string. It has a solid top, which is not only a sign of good quality, but also a guarantee of a good sound. The guitar is a bit pricey but it’s actually a very fair price in terms of quality and finish.

If you are on a tight budget, you should consider an Ashthorpe guitar. You can’t expect the same quality and finish as Ortega or Cordoba, but it’s still okay. A big advantage is that they sell their guitars in a bundle, which means that most of the necessary accessories are already included.

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