4/4 Guitar – Full Size Guitar for Youth

A 4/4 size or 40 inch guitar is the largest guitar size on the market. They are often just called a standard guitar or full size guitar. For kids from 12 years old, this guitar size is in most cases the right choice. This guitar size is not only a guitar for kids but also for adults. That’s why there is a huge selection of full size guitars on the market. You will find endless models of classical, acoustic and electric guitars.

4/4 guitar size

If you’re looking for your child’s first guitar, it doesn’t make sense to buy the most expensive model. It is better to get a classical guitar with nylon strings for a beginner because they are easier to start with. Nylon strings are much more comfortable for young beginners to play, as they are less painful on the fingertips. Electric and acoustic guitars have steel strings. Steel strings hurt beginners’ fingertips more because they haven’t developed calluses. An electric guitar is still okay for beginners because the steel strings have a pretty low tension compared to acoustic steel strings. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend acoustic guitars for beginners. Only if a child has played the guitar before, you can choose any type without any problem.

Best full size classical guitars

There are many classical nylon string guitars on the market. You can find high quality models that can cost well over $1000 as well as pretty cheap models for around $60. I would recommend a reasonable guitar for around $150 or $200.

Good Choice
hola music full size nylon string guitar
Hola Music!
– high quality guitar
– good value for money
– great finish and sound
yamaha c40 guitar
Yamaha C40II
– great guitar for beginners
– great value for money
– nice quality and finish
38 inch Ashthorpe guitar
– very affordable beginner guitar
– some accessories already incl.
– quality and finish is just ok

Yamaha is one of the best known manufacturers of affordable, quality entry-level guitars. In fact, I would say that most young guitar beginners start with a Yamaha model. If you look in classrooms, most of the kids have a Yamaha guitar. The Yamaha C40II* is an excellent entry-level model at a very fair price. It holds in tune perfectly and for a long time, the finish and construction is well done and it has a nice sound.

Another great entry-level model can be found from the brand Hola Music. It’s not a very well known brand for guitars, but they offer pretty good beginner models that are high quality and good value for the money. The finish looks more than you would expect in this price range.

If you are on a tight budget, you should consider an Ashthorpe guitar. You can’t expect the same quality and finish as Yamaha or Hola Music, but it’s still okay to get started. A big advantage is that they sell their guitars in a bundle, which means that most of the necessary accessories are already included.

Best full size acoustic guitars

Smaller guitars for kids are dominated by classical nylon string guitars. However, full size are guitars are mostly acoustic steel string guitars. They got really popular since every rock and pop band uses acoustic instead of classical guitar. So many guitar beginners want to be play on a similar guitar as their idol.

Good Alternative
fender squier dreadnought guitar
– good beginner guitar
– some accessories already incl.
– solid quality and good sound
Yamaha FG800J acoustic guitar
Yamaha FG800J
– great value for money
– solid spruce top
– good quality and finish
Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar
Jasmine S35
– very affordable acoustic guitar
– available in different colors
– solid quality and finish

When it comes to quality entry-level instruments, there has to be one from Yamaha. The Yamaha FG800J* is a pretty nice looking guitar and this one comes with a solid spruce top. A solid top always gives a guitar a better sound and it’s sign for a quality guitar. It is also available as a bundle with some extra stuff like a tuner, strings and a strap.

One of the most famous guitar manufacturers is without a doubt Fender. They also have a pretty nice beginner’s guitar, which they sell under the brand name Squier. The acoustic guitar comes with a light bag, some new strings, a tuner, picks and a strap. This is really all you need to get started. You might consider getting a capo and more solid or padded bag if your child is going to be carrying it around regularly, but for the beginning it’s fine.

If you are looking for a good entry-level guitar for a young beginner, you should consider the Jasmine S35. Jasmine sells only beginner guitars, so they are not well known to many guitarists. But for about $100 you get a really nice looking and sounding guitar. You probably won’t find a better acoustic guitar in this price range. The guitar is also available in different colors.

Best Full Size Electric Guitars

When it comes to electric guitars the market is huge. When getting started you should focus on an affordable electric guitar that’s comfortable to play. I would also recommend getting a bundle that includes a cable and amp.Otherwise, you have to buy them separately.

lyxpro electric guitar
– left-handed version available
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– available in many different colors
Good Choice
fender electric guitar for beginners
Squier Stratocaster
– great brand for electric guitars
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– quality guitar and amp
zeny electric guitar
– very affordable electric guitar
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– quality and finish is ok

Gibson and Fender dominate the electric guitar market for professional guitarists. They both make affordable entry-level guitars as well, but they are sold under a different brand. Squier, for example, is the brand for lower-priced versions of Fender guitars. The Squier Stratocaster* series is an affordable beginner electric guitar that looks like an expensive one and feels really comfortable to play. I have played a Squier Stratocaster and loved it. It also comes with a really good 15W amplifier, the Frontman 15G.

There are also other brands that offer beginner electric guitars, which are much cheaper than the Squier Stratocaster. These brands are pretty unknown in the music world but they can to the job as well when you get startet and you are tight on budget. The LyxPro is even available as left-handed version and in many different colors. The electric guitar from Zeny is one of the cheapest electric guitar on the market. It also comes with an amp and a cable and the price is unbelievable. However, you can’t expect a lot in terms of quality and finish of the guitar and the amp.

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