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This is right place for teachers and parents when it comes to buying, teaching and learning musical instruments with and for kids. There is a main focus on guitar, piano and ukulele since these instruments are the most popular ones for children. However, you also find information and resources for other instruments like recorder, xylophone and many more

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Get all the information you need to choose the right instrument for your child!
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Get inspirations even for the little ones

There is no age limitation when it comes to exploring the first musical sounds!

Learn and teach popular songs for kids

Nursery rhymes are the best songs for young kids! They are short, follow an easy melody and kids already know most of them already. You find here the lyrics, sheet music for any instruments as well as chords and tabs for guitar and ukulele!

Mary had a little Lamb
Old MacDonald
Five little Ducks
Wheels on the Bus
Alphabet Song
Are you sleeping

Teaching Materials and Ebooks designed for Kids

Make learning and teaching musical instruments easier – for kids, teacher and parents.
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