Ukulele String Names

Knowing the names of the ukulele strings by heart is essential because it is the basis of communication between teacher and student. It’s one of the first things to be taught in every ukulele lesson. When we want to tune the ukulele, we need to know the names of the ukulele strings in order to identify the right string. If you want to follow the instructions of a ukulele teacher, you need to understand phrases like “put your first finger on the second string” right away.

The string names of the ukulele

ukulele string names

Fortunately, the ukulele has only 4 strings. So it’s not a big deal to learn them. So, here they are:

1st string – A string

2nd string – E string

3rd string – E string

4th string – G string

The string numbers of the ukulele

Ukulele beginners should also be familiar with the number on the ukulele strings. Many teachers and players use the numbers rather than the names because they seem to follow a simpler logic. We count them from the bottom to the top. However, I recommend knowing and using the names as well, because they represent the open notes of the ukulele.

How to remember the ukulele string names?

Especially when teaching the ukulele to kids, it’s always nice to make your ukulele lessons entertaining and catchy. Use acronyms to make them memorize the string names quickly and easily. Here is one example:

Get Crazy Every Afternoon

But be creative and involve your students to find other catchy phrases!

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