Teach and Learn Nursery Rhymes on Guitar

Nursery rhymes are perfect for teaching guitar to children. They are quite short, easy to sing and to play on the guitar. Most of the easy guitars songs for kids books are not illustrated or just a little. I mean, they are not just made for kids. But a good illustration attracts a child’s attention much more. In this ebook, you will find 11 popular nursery rhymes:

Brother John
Row, Row, Row your Boat
Mary had a Little Lamb
The Wheels on the Bus
Happy Birthday to You
Five Little Ducks
Old MacDonald had a Farm
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
The Alphabet Song
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Humpty Dumpty

Each nursery rhyme comes in a color and in black & white version. In this way you have the flexibility to add a coloring activity to your guitar lessons. Children love to color illustrations and this will make your lesson much more attractive. The black and white version allows kids to have fun and to get more familiar with the song at the same time.

There are two editions of the ebook: the Beginner’s Edition and the Teacher’s Edition. In the Beginner’s Edition you will find the songs with the chords. This is also the easiest method to learn and to play a song. The next level is to learn and play a rhyme with the tablature or even with the sheet music. That’s why there is the Teacher’s Edition which includes the tab and the sheet music for each rhyme.

easy guitar songs for kids book

The Beginner’s Edition is perfect for parents and children who like to learn and to play with chords. The chords are always linked to animals in order to facilitate learning. For example, the chord “A” is accompanied by the animal Alligator or the chord “G” by the animal Giraffe. In this way, the child can create a visual link for each chord and these links are found on each song sheet.

easy guitar songs for kids chords

For more advanced students it is worth using tabs and sheet music. If you want to teach your students how to read a sheet music or tabs you are well prepared with the Teacher’s Edition. Finally, the two editions Beginner’s and Teacher’s together give you all the flexibility you need to play and teach the rhymes.

easy guitar songs for kids sheet music
easy guitar songs for kids tabs

Beginner’s Edition


easy guitar songs for beginners

11 nursery rhymes

in color and black & white

Chords version

Teacher’s Edition


easy guitar songs for teachers

11 nursery rhymes

in color and black & white

Tabs version

Sheet music version

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We offer you the first nursery rhyme printable for free. Download the worksheets for Old Mac Donald had a Farm and get an idea of the concept of the ebook.