Musical Instruments Coloring Pages

When teaching young children about music, one of the first things you can talk to them about is musical instruments. Most of them probably already know a few, and this is a great starting point for a group discussion. Everyone can name one and you can listen to them together, for example on YouTube, to get an idea of the sound.

A great addition to this activity is coloring pages. Our free musical instrument coloring pages are perfect to use as a mindfulness activity. Once downloaded, you will find 15 beautiful pages with illustrations of 15 instruments: violin, drums, guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, cymbals, triangle, piano, harp, trumpet, saxophone, maracas, accordion, xylophone, recorder.

Kids love coloring. Turn these free printables into a fun group activity. Simply print and enlarge the sheets and have kids work together to add color and bring the pictures to life. The pictures can then make a great addition to any school music display.

Free Musical Instruments Printables PDF

We are happy to provide you with free coloring pages to use in your music class. We would greatly appreciate it if you would recommend our site to others and share the printables with other teachers.

Musical Instruments Coloring Pages