Easy Guitar Chords for Kids

If you’re teaching kids to play the guitar, you may be wondering how to make it fun and age-appropriate. You can’t just give them some dry teaching materials that you would use for adult beginners. Instead, your guitar lessons should be designed to be fun for the kids. The younger the children, the more you need to keep them entertained. Learning basic guitar chords is an essential pillar of playing the guitar.

Basic Guitar Chords

That’s why I’ve created some teaching materials to help kids better understand the concept of guitar chords and have fun learning them. The teaching materials include:

  • 10 different guitar chord sheets in color and in black & white (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,Am,Dm,Em)
  • 10 different guitar chord memory cards in color and in black & white (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,Am,Dm,Em)
  • Guitar chords certificate in color and in black & white

How to teach a child guitar chords

There are countless studies that confirm the power of visual imagery in learning. Visuals help kids recall and remember information better. When it comes to learning guitar chords, most books and materials are simple and look very similar. But our brains are more image processors than word processors.

Use the chord sheets in color as handouts or posters for your classroom.

guitar lessons for kids

Give the chord sheets in black & white to your students, so that they can color them out.

guitar lessons for kids printables

Standard guitar chord charts are simplified. This is great, but not ideal for young beginners. They can easily get confused and frustrated in the beginning. That’s why the first guitar chord sheets for kids should be catchy and understandable at first glance. Once they understand the concept of guitar chords, you can introduce them to the standard guitar chord sheets.

Just learning the basic guitar chords by name is not only boring for young children, but also quite difficult. It’s much easier for kids to associate the D chord with a dog playing the guitar, the G chord with a giraffe, and the Em chord with an elephant scared of a mouse.

teaching guitar approach

How to memorize guitar chords

Once kids have mastered guitar chords, it’s time to practice. Before we start learning and playing guitar songs, we should know some chords by heart and know how to change between different chords. A fun way to practice basic guitar chords is to play the guitar chord memory game.

Memory is a card game in which all the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are turned face up each turn. The goal of the game is to turn over pairs of cards that match each other. The game not only teaches basic guitar chords, but also helps your students develop their memory and concentration.

When a student finds a pair, he or she can play it on the guitar immediately. Or all students can collect them first and play them at the end of the game. Whoever finds the most chords wins the game.

guitar chords memory

Memory cards are also included in black and white, so that you can let your students color them out.

guitar chords flashcards

Once your student masters the basic guitar chords, you can give him a certificate. Again, it’s available in color and in black & white.

guitar certificate for kids

Motivating children to learn and practice their first guitar chords can be a challenge. The effective use of these teaching materials can reduce learning time, increase comprehension and improve retention. Get the ebook and make your guitar lessons more fun! You have a 60-day money back guarantee!

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What customers say about the ebook


Betsy Thompson, USA
I have a special needs child who wants to play the guitar more than anything in this world. He is slowly trying to make his hands move correctly. These pictures will surely help. He is really excited.


Yocsandy Vega, USA
Me as a mom i want to say thank you very much. These illustrations have actually taken his learning to another level. My son says: “I like the way the pictures make me engage with the chords, they make it so simple to remember because that picture comes to mind when I think of the chord”