Electric Guitar for Kids

electric guitar for kids

Electric guitars are a lot of fun to play. And especially kids who are into rock and roll and alternative music will love this type of guitar. No wonder, because without the sound of electric guitars there would probably be no rock and roll music. However, there are a few things to consider before getting one for a child. Let’s discuss all the questions and things in this article, as well as for whom an electric guitar is the right choice and for whom another type of guitar might be better. We will also recommend the best electric guitars for kids who are just getting started!

Are electric guitars a good choice for kids?

acoustic and electric guitar

Many guitar teachers would recommend starting with a classical guitar because it’s just easier to get started. The lower tension of the strings and the fact that the strings are made of nylon make them easier for beginners to play. Electric guitars have steel strings, which are harder for beginners to play. However, they have a lower tension than acoustic steel-string guitars. Also, be aware that all stringed instruments take time for your finger tips build up callus. Even nylon strings hurt at first, but you get used to them faster. Steel strings will take a little longer and may hurt a little more in the beginning.

So the answer to whether an electric guitar is the right choice depends a lot on your child’s motivation to learn to play an electric guitar. If the electric guitar is what excites your child the most and he loves rock music, then you should consider an electric guitar.

An electric guitar is not difficult to use, but it also requires an amplifier that needs to be connected to the guitar. With this amplifier you can control the volume, the tone and often you can add sound effects. Very young children won’t be able to do this on their own and will definitely need help from their parents. Ask yourself if these things are easy and quick for your child to figure out, or if they are too complicated and frustrating for your child?

The right electric guitar size for kids

kid with an electric guitar
Child with a too big guitar

When it comes to guitars for kids, you need to get the right size because it has to fit like a pair of shoes. Young children have smaller hands and arms and would have difficulty playing a full size guitar. Finally, a guitar that’s too big will lead to frustration because it’s hard and uncomfortable to play.

The most common guitar sizes are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full size. The electric guitar size chart below will help you choose the right guitar size for your child based on age and height. If your child is between two sizes, or very close to the next size, go with the larger guitar size. Otherwise, your child will outgrow the new guitar too quickly and a slightly larger size won’t be a big problem.

You should choose the guitar depending on your child’s size and age. Age is a first good indicator, but some children are taller than others. That’s why age is only a first reference and you should especially take your child’s size into consideration. Young children between 4 and 6 years old should start with a 1/4 size electric guitar. However, starting at the age of 4 is quite early and you should make sure that he is serious about it and that the motivation comes from your child and from you as a parent. If your child is tall enough (about 4’3″), he can start with a 1/2 size guitar. This is normally the case for children between the ages of 5 and 8. From 8 to 11, most kids play on a 3/4 size electric guitar. And kids 11 and up who are at least 5’3″ tall should start on a full-size electric guitar.

electric guitar sizes for kids

Best electric guitars for kids

Since the small guitar market is a niche market, the choices are quite limited, especially for electric guitars. There are not too many young beginners who start with an electric guitar, but rather with a classical guitar. The market for full size electric guitars is quite different, as this size is also the choice for adults. There are endless options for full size electric guitars.

For smaller size electric guitars, you won’t find many models from the big and famous guitar brands. And honestly, this is not a pity because you don’t need the fanciest guitar as a young beginner. Most of the small electric guitars are quite affordable and come from lesser known brands. However, they are still pretty solid in terms of quality. In addition, they are often sold in a bundle, which means they come with at least an amplifier and a cable. These two accessories are absolutely necessary to get you started.

1/4 Size
donner 1-4 electric guitar
– good value for money
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– solid quality and workmanship
1/2 Size
1-2 sx electric guitar for kids
SX Guitar
– good value for money
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– solid quality and workmanship

The electric guitar from Donner is a pretty nice 1/4 size beginner guitar. You have a volume and a tone control on the guitar. It comes with all the necessary equipment (amp, cables, tuner, picks, etc.) that you need to get started. The Donner guitar is also available in different colors.

SX is not a very well known manufacturer, but they offer some 1/2 electric guitars that look pretty nice and solid. They come in a package, which is a great bonus for beginners and parents, as it comes with all the necessary equipment, such as an headphone amplifier and cable. A headphone amp is great for practicing but you should also get a proper amplifier.

3/4 Size
Fender Squier Mini Strat electric guitar
Squier Mini Strat
– great brand for electric guitars
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– great quality and finish
4/4 Size
fender electric guitar for beginners
Squier Stratocaster
– great brand for electric guitars
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– quality guitar and amp

Squier is a brand that belongs to the famous electric guitar manufacturer Fender. So you can take it for granted that a manufacturer like Fender knows how to build great guitars. The Squier Mini Strat is a 3/4 size guitar and one of the best electric guitars for kids that I know of. I have already reviewed the Squier Mini Strat in and at the bottom line it is a great small size electric guitar. The instrument is available in different colors like sunburst, black, red and pink. For a beginner who needs a full size electric guitar, I would recommend the same one just in full size. It’s a very solid and nice guitar at an affordable price.

What accessoires do I need to buy?

If you don’t buy the guitar in a bundle, make sure to get an amplifier and a cable. It doesn’t have to be the biggest amp with countless functions. A small and simple amp can already do a great job for kids. And a small amp might be also in your interested if you don’t want your child turning his room into a concert hall. The Fender Frontman 10G* and the Blackstar FLY3* are some really good amplifiers for beginners. They are small and have already a cable included.

blackstar amp for electric guitar
– 3W battery powered amplifier
– cable incl.
– affordable for beginners
Great Brand
fender amp electric guitar
– 20W amplifier
– cable and picks incl.
– high-quality amplifier

You also want to make sure you get a gig bag, which is important for transportation and can be useful for storage. Also check if a guitar strap is included or not. This is not necessary, but if you want to play guitar standing up, you will need one. And playing the electric guitar while standing is essential to imitate our favorite rock n roll star.

Another important accessory is a guitar tuner. When you get your new guitar, it may be in tune, but it’s very easy to get it out of tune. In this case, a simple tuner will help you get it back in tune. There are also guitar tuner apps for cell phones and most of them are free. So that could be an option to tune your guitar. I would also recommend that you get some guitar strings, because it can happen that you break them if you turn the tuning pigs the wrong way, for example. And from time to time guitar strings need to be changed as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to get some spare guitar strings, so you always have some at home.

What are good alternatives to electric guitars?

Electric guitars are one type of guitar that children can play. The best alternative is a classical guitar with nylon strings. Most young students start with this type of guitar because nylon strings are easier for beginners to play. There are also steel string acoustic guitars, which can also be an option, but are not really suitable for pure young beginners. Their strings have a high tension and the steel string will certainly hurt much more on the fingertips in the beginning. A steel string guitar is a good choice for children who have played the guitar regularly before.

These alternatives are quite obvious, but let’s also take a look at similar instruments that might be interesting for young children. I think one of the best alternatives is the ukulele. They are small and therefore have a suitable size for children. They also have only 4 strings instead of 6 and are much easier to learn to play than guitars. Good ukuleles are also much less expensive.

kala ukulele starter kit
Kala Soprano
– well-known brand for quality ukuleles
– gig bag is as well included
– good choice for beginners
Classical Guitar
yamaha c40 guitar
Yamaha C40II
– great guitar for beginners
– great value for money
– nice quality and finish