Blank Piano Keyboard Template

A blank piano keyboard template is a great tool used by musicians, teachers, and students to improve learning experiences related to the piano. The template typically features a diagram of a piano keyboard with unmarked keys. We provide a free blank piano keyboard template in PDF that is ready to print. Simply download the free … Read more

Piano Notes Chart for Beginners – Printable PDF

A piano notes chart serves as a very useful tool for beginners, which provides a visual representation of the keyboard and its corresponding notes. The piano keyboard is actually a pattern, which you should learn as a beginner. Fortunately the pattern is pretty easy to learn and to remember with a few rules. So, let’s … Read more

Easy Piano Songs for Kids

When kids learn to play the piano, they want to learn some songs, not just music theory and a few melodies. Young children want to learn songs that they know from kindergarten, for example. That’s why nursery rhymes are the perfect choice for children to learn on the piano. They are simple, following a simple … Read more