1/2 Guitar – The perfect student guitar for kids

1/2 size guitars are very popular with young students as the age between 6 and 8 is the perfect age to start learning to play the guitar. Guitars in this size are also called 34 inch guitars. Children of this age are already mature enough to learn something seriously and to grasp things easily. These small children’s guitars are also very popular with travellers and backpackers because of their small size. But a 1/2 guitar isn’t just half the size of a full-size guitar. Instead, it measures half the scale of a full-size guitar.

1/2 guitar size

The name of the guitar does not mean that it is only 1/2 the size of a full size guitar. On the contrary, the size refers to the guitar scale (the scale is the length from the bridge to the nut of the guitar head). The scale of a 1/2 size guitar is about 23 inches, whereas a full size guitar is 25 inches. In terms of overall length, a 1/2-size guitar is about 15% or 6 inches shorter than a full-size guitar.

guitar scale length

Nylon string, steel string or electric guitar?

If this isn’t your child’s first guitar, you could also consider an acoustic guitar with steel strings or an electric guitar (electric guitars are also equipped with steel strings). Since your child has already developed hand and finger strength, steel strings wouldn’t be a big problem even for the fingers. You should ask your child if he or she would like to try a new type of guitar and discuss the idea with his or her guitar teacher. At some point, almost every child will want to try an acoustic steel string guitar or an electric guitar (as these are the guitars played by the big rock and pop stars). Since many students start learning to play the guitar between the ages of 6 and 8, the market is full of 1/2 size guitars from well-known manufacturers (e.g. Yamaha, Cordoba).

However, if it’s the child’s first guitar, it’s better to get a classical guitar with nylon strings. They come with nylon strings, which are easier for children to hold when they haven’t yet developed finger and hand strength. Also, the tension of the strings is much lower.

Best 1/2 classical guitars

The market for kids guitars is dominated by 34 inch guitars. And most of them are classical guitar with nylon strings because most children in this age are beginners. 

Good Alternative
adm 1/2 guitar pink
– affordable beginner guitar
– some accessories already incl.
– available in different colors
Best Choice
yamaha guitar for kids
Yamaha CGS102A
– great value for money
– bestseller for beginners
– good quality and sound
pyle guitar size 34 inch
– affordable beginner guitar
– some accessories already incl.
– quality and workmanship is alright

Let’s start with a brand that you probably know, even if you have nothing to do with musical instruments: Yamaha. The huge manufacturer Yamaha also offers student guitars in different sizes. The Yamaha CGS 102A* is a great half size student guitar for a really fair price. It has a spruce top which gives a good sound quality. The intonation of Yamaha guitars is usually very accurate, and the action is quite low, which makes it easier to press down on the strings. They also stay in tune for a long time and are nicely finished. It’s definitely a great guitar for beginners. I also started playing on a Yamaha and I don’t regret it. I still love my first Yamaha.

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to take a look at the the 1/4 classical guitar from Pyle. It costs about half the price of a classical guitar from Yamaha and some accessories (tuner, strap, etc.) are already included.

Another pretty affordable guitar is the beginner guitar from ADM. It also comes in a bundle, which means that some accessories are already included. They offer the guitar in different colors, which is a great thing if your child adores a pink or blue guitar for example. The overall quality is alright for the price but same here you can’t expect a high quality guitar but rather a first instrument to start with.

Best 1/2 acoustic guitars

If your child is already playing the guitar and needs to move to a bigger size or simply wants to get a better guitar, then an acoustic guitar with steel strings might be a good choice. There is not a huge choice of 1/2 acoustic guitars on the market because most kids stick with their classical nylon string guitar. However, there are a few manufacturers that offer 1/2 acoustic guitars.

Enya Nova Go 1/2 acoustic guitar
Enya Nova Go
– made of carbon fiber
– sounds great for its size
– great quality and workmanship
pyle 34 inch acoustic guitar
– good beginner guitar
– great value for money
– some accessories already incl.
Great Brand
oscar schmidt 1/2 kids guitar
Oscar Schmidt
– well-known guitar brand
– nice quality and finish
– for ambitious beginners

The musical instrument brand Pyle has guitars in almost every size. They are reasonably priced and of good quality and sound. They often sell their guitars in bundles, which means that all the essential accessories (tuner, strings, etc.) are already included, which is definitely great for beginners.

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar for children, you should also consider the brand Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt is a manufacturer that has been making guitars for more than 100 years. They are well known for their good beginner acoustic guitars. The Oscar Schmidt OGHSA is a nice beginner’s guitar with a solid sound and a good finish.

Enya guitars have not been around for long. But in the meantime they have gained a good reputation for their guitars. They offer a range of small acoustic guitars that are especially designed for travellers. They are also a good choice for children. They are made from carbon, which makes them very strong and light. They also have a great sound.

Best 1/2 electric guitars

Electric guitars also have steel strings, but the strings are much thinner. In addition, the action on electric guitars is much lower than on acoustic guitars. That’s why a child can start on an electric guitar, as the strings may hurt the fingers just a little more than nylon strings. There is not a huge choice of 1/2 size electric guitars, but there is one model that is exactly what most people are looking for.

1-2 sx electric guitar for kids
SX Guitar
– good value for money
– amplifier and accessories incl.
– solid quality and workmanship

SX is not a very well known brand, but it does offer a 1/2 electric guitar that looks pretty nice and solid. They come in a package, which is a great bonus for beginners and parents as it includes equipment such as an headphone amplifier and cable.

You can’t expect much from this little amp, but it should be fine for practising and playing with headphones. However, you may want to get a more serious amp. The Fender Frontman 10G* and the Blackstar FLY3* are some really good beginner amps. They are small and come with a cable.

blackstar amp for electric guitar
– 3W battery powered amplifier
– cable incl.
– affordable for beginners
Great Brand
fender amp electric guitar
– 20W amplifier
– cable and picks incl.
– high-quality amplifier

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